Nuking Candyland

by Fast Food Society



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released July 7, 2017



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Trilob Records Utrecht, The Netherlands

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Track Name: Hijacking Hijab
We generalise through the victim's eyes
an entire race based on social group-think,
but don't mistake culture with ethnicity
nor collateral with complicity of
witch-burning, dehumanising someone's son not unlike yourself.

Dissent! From religion and racist agendas.
Enraged! Doesn't rob us of making distinction.

From inquisition to crusades,
to Guantanamo and Iraq.
Wouldn't you be desperate too?
"Nah bro, towel-heads are the new reds, you get me?"

Expressions of our collective liberty
in indefinite crisis in western society.
Teleological belief
that we were put here upon this earth
to take dominion of fellow human beings.
Denial of reality!

Myths that don't fit facts and historical truths.
Cultivate! Tolerance, understanding and respect.
Dissent! From religion and racist agendas.
Enraged! Doesn’t rob us of making distinction.

What are your excuses now?
Track Name: L'Abattoir (Bonus Track)
Hello, good evening, I'll be your waiter tonight.
We have a four course meal full of special delight.
Let us start with a salty appetizer:
goldfish guts with organic fertilizer.
Next on the menu, you'll be pleasantly surprised,
stuffed horse head sprinkled with a dash of thyme.

Don't get up! Why would you leave?
The very best is about to come! :D

Our chef is proud of this next unbeliever:
roasted, purebred, puppy dog retriever,
with a side of cat raised for food.
Hope you think it's finger-licking good :)

Edible / Inedible, where do you draw the line?
One animal or another, surely not a crime.

Don't get up! Why would you leave?
The very best is about to come! :D

It's up to you.
Track Name: Invincible by Default
White, straight, male, upper middle-class, west-born...
the most privileged fuck this world has ever known.

Never had to be afraid to walk home alone at night,
or escape being rounded-up and smashed, head against a wall.

Invincible! Questioned by no one.
By default! Winning with unearned runs.

When obliviousness is norm
in entitlements revolving door:
Revolution lies in language, attitude and behaviour.
Expectations to ignore
disenfranchisement galore
and otherness is to deplore.

All dat he wants is to play some ragga, but he's a white boy.
Da white man he came, call himself civolised,
imposing his class, his race and all of dem lies.
Addiction to adrenaline, addiction to rules,
emotional blockage and snobbery too,
da face of the banker, the judge and you.
Track Name: Last Words
Separation of the powers that be:
Trias politica, allegedly.
Executioner, judge and jury,
state-backed homicide with total impunity!

The book of law apparently "clearly" states:
He who wields toys should be shot; shot just in case.
Just a victim of the officer's emotional fate:
An innocent kid guilty of race.
Someone's child lays face-down dead on the scene,
the un-indictable warrior-cop's daily routine.
Every 28 hours it starts all over again,
strangely enough... mostly towards black men.

Institutional racism is solely maintained
by the militarised arm of the state,
born on genocide, raised through slavery,
the prevailing order continues its supremacist legacy.

To them we are "probable cause";
inmates in their up-beat police state.
Nowhere to run or left to hide,
free to chose your own last words.
Track Name: Enemies of Reason
Half-wit half empty and you wonder towards the sky,
free of preconceptions so you innocently ask "why"?
Floodgates of fear and doubt render you paralysed,
so here we are to offer you the ever-embracing light!

From Creation, to Salvation,
designed to anaesthetise your crippling fear of death
and add you to our herd.

Herd mentality reaching a global critical mass,
the power of our institution fathers a one-world underclass,
ancient scribblings plus a great amount of time
convinces you to commit for us the most hideous of crimes:
Eradicate, exterminate the slaves of other lies!

From Creation, to Salvation,
designed to anaesthetise your crippling fear of death
all we want, all we need
is your everlasting soul...
and total mind-control.

Divine creation
belittles the elegant
universal truth
that everything is love,
kind and humane trust,
and kingdom needn't come
if we all care as one.
We are what we become.

God is not in gaps.
Priest, Rabbi, Mullah... your day has come!
Track Name: The Unfortunate Origin of a Rather Familiair Family Game (Bonus Track)
Three generations hatin' the family next door,
I don't know how it started and I sure don't care no more!
'Cause I knooow... to keep ma enemies close.

We use ta go ta school together, and later sent our kids,
'til I learned the ugly truth: that their well smells of piss!
'Cause when we gooo... we aim for ours and miss.

Just a couple-o-days ago this ol' lady came up to me
and asked if we were two branches from the same family tree,
and I said nooo... now get out and let me be!

For some reason her words kept on a-echoing in ma head,
so I did some askin' 'round and –it just sounds senseless-
but their great great grandaddy and ours was one and the same!

All of a sudden I think I hate this hating game :(